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GIG HISTORY (Past shows that span 8 years)

Wednesday, November 27th: Rhinecliff, New York - Back to the Rhinecliff for a pre thanksgiving party. This is always a big party night at the Rhinecliff and this year pH10 is hosting. Our old friends Trumystic will be flying the Jet up the river to help make this the party of the year at Rhinecliff. Sleep on this at your own peril.

Saturday, October 19th: Downtown Bar, NYC - We will post the full lineup when it's available. This is a new Shane Digital affiliate.

Saturday, October 12th: Randal's Island, NYC - Boo 7 in the D.U.B. area. Look for us around prime time in a tent shaped like a UFO. This is a giant show with all the biggest peeps - Ed Rush and Optical, Adam X, Dieselboy, DB, J-Majik, Doc Martin etc. Check the Stuck On Earth web site (click on Boo 7) for further info.

Saturday, October 5th: Rhinecliff Hotel, Rhinecliff, New York - This is a tiny rock and roll club that we play a few times a year for our upstate peeps. It's an hour and a half from New York City but its right next to the Amtrak station. Take the train to Rhinecliff and rock out on the Hudson with pH10.

Saturday, September 28th: 38 Nine: Queens, NYC - Together again with the Blackkat crew. In a brand new venue located in Long Island City. Blackkat brings you Katalyst. No details on this one yet, stay tuned.

Friday, February 8th: Rhinecliff Hotel, Rhinecliff, NY - pH10 tears the fucking roof off this place once again. Lots of local talent and smoke baby!

January 19th: Lunatarium Brooklyn, NY - pH10 celebrates the release of Quarks and Gluons with the world famous Blackkat Crew. This will be the party of the year. Check this out.

November 22nd: Club Sanctuary Denver, CO - pH10 headlines a packed line up of Denver talent. This party is being organized by the New Visions America crew.

November 3: Rhinecliff Hotel - Schatzell & Grinnell Streets, Rhinecliff, NY. pH10 is filming the live shots for the "Spy Hunter" video at this show.

October 30: Bar 13 (13th St. @ University [Union Square])

April 14th, 2001: 10pm 'till late - pH10 at the infamous Frying Pan on Pier 63 @ 23rd St. - Chealsea Piers. DJ Chrome, DJ dots and much more. Info at

March 14th, 2001: pH10 at Unity Gain on 42nd St. in Manhattan...stay tuned here and at

February 10th, 2001: 10 pm to 6 am - CHOP SHOP @ King Collision 237 Kent b/w N 1st and Grand.Williamsburg, Brooklyn - (L train to Bedford, West to Kent, South to N. 1st.) - PRICE: $10 - INFO-LINE: 212 714 4987. Blackkat gives you DJ fflood--11 to 12 AM (funky tribal techno) pH 10--12 to 1 AM(live breakbeat dynamic duo) - CAROL C--1 to 2 AM (representing her new label Lauka Bop) - DJ CHROME with MC KID LUCKY--2 to 3 AM (hard drivin, rhyme flippin, drum n bass) - SEAN B--3 to 4 AM (two stepá if Curtis Mayfield was a DJ) - JASON BLACKKAT--4 to 6 AM (live techno-fresh off marathon world tour) and special guest DJ ESE--Opening up the night with the best hip-hop on the planet!

November 8, 2000: 10 p.m.-2 a.m. Unity Gain@ Galapagos 70 North 6th St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn $5.00, 21+, ... live P.A. cycle: (----, pH10,----),... each playing in 15 minute rotations. Plus live video mixing from Feedbuck Galore, Benton C. L-train to Bedford Ave., G to Metropolitain.

September 6, 2000: 10 p.m.-2 a.m. Unity Gain @ Galapagos 70 North 6th St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn $5.00, 21+, ... live P.A. cycle: (Curcuit Redux, Criterion, Earshot, Organalogic, pH10, Ton_, Ritchford, Teledubgnosis, ylyptyk ,... each playing in 15 minute rotations. Plus live video mixing from Feedbuck Galore, Benton C. L-train to Bedford Ave., G to Metropolitain

August 8, 2000 FUN 130 Madison St. under the Manhattan Bridge in Manhattan. F train to East Broadway. Walk down Madison toward the bridge. A night with the Deep Unda Brooklyn sound system, featuring DJs Olive the Audio Janitor (WE!), Sheldon Drake, Spinoza, the Professor and a live PA by pH10 (1:30 am) Live video mixing by Dave Shim, Missy Galore, MUSTARD $3.00 cover 21+

August 4, 2000: pH10 with Trumystic Soundsystem at Baby Jupiter, Manhattan (Lower East Side)

July 18, 2000: Central Park website launch in Times Square... pH10 performing around 11 am and 2 p.m. somewhere around the big touristy tickets theater booth.

June 28, 2000: pH10 perform on taping of Soullook, Seize the Night, for Fuji Network (Japanese TV network)

June 16 & 17, 2000: BlackKat Collective NOW festival in upstate New York... pH10 is "scheduled" to play at 10:00 p.m. on Saturday

June 7, 2000: 2 shows in Pittsburgh, PA. - 8:00 p.m. at Flagstaff Hill - 11:45 p.m. at Beehive Theater (club Spun)

May 20, 2000: pH10 with DJs Mista Ish and Chrome @ Baby Jupiter @ Orchard St. 1 block south of Houston. F train to 2nd Ave., MIDNIGHT., $5.00, 21+, no dancing: blah! we have not yet begun to wiggle, Mr. Guiuliani!

April 28, 2000: Black Kat party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

April 7, 2000: An evening of fungle (Live PA and records) with pH10 at FUN - 130 Madison St. Under the Manhattan Bridge in Manhattan - F train to East Broadway - walk down Madison toward the bridge.

April 8th, 2000: go to Times Square for the Dance Liberation Front dance-a-thong 3-4 pm REPEAL THE CABARET LAW! Mr. Mayor Giuliani, we have not yet begun to wiggle!

February 5, 2000 System Evolution CD release party with TerraForm records @ Bent in Denver, Colorado featuring pH10, Sundog, Moth, and DJs Ivy and Fury.

January 14 & 15, 2000 Killington, Vermont @ Toadstool Harry's featuring DJ and MC skills of Soothsayer

January 7 & 8, 2000: Nantucket, Mass. @ the Muse - A night of junglistic beats with pH10 playing live and spinning

December 24, 1999: first avenue, 7th street entry, Minneapolis, Minnesota: The Mercury Virus, flybussen, jindra, DJ Clark ov Saturn

December 23, 1999: Gus Lucky's art gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

October 15th, 1999: Seven South Broadway, Denver, CO pH10 and DJ Jackalope

September 24, 1999: pH10 with Trumystic Sound System feat. Dr. Israel, Soothsayer, Divaship, Ish Friday, 10:00 p.m. @ The Knitting Factory, Manhattan

July 24, 1999: pH10 in Nashville, Tennessee RaveNashville Productions (busted) then Amnesia club drum n bass night

June 26th, 1999: pH10 @ the North 6th Street party in Brooklyn, New York featuring Recone Helmut, Ish, Soothsayer

with Dr. Israel, Soothsayer, Brooklyn Beat Rockers

3-28 Leave Brooklyn
3-29 arrive Berlin
3-30 Berlin Germany -Knaack
3-31 Gdank Poland -Sfinks
4-01 Dresden Germany -Starclub
4-02 Munich Germany -Incognito
4-03 Innsbruck Austria - Utopia
4-04 Ebensee Austria - Kino
4-05 Vienna Austria -Flex
4-06 off
4-07 Salzburg Austria -Nonntal
4-08 Linz Austria -Posthof (+Hypnotix)
4-09 Worgl Austria -Komma
4-10 Zurich Switz -Rote Fabrik
4-11 Ulm Germany- Pufferbar
4-12 off
4-13 Stuttgart Germany -R_hre
4-14 Lyon France -Pez Ner
4-15 Thun Switz -Cafe Mokka
4-16 B-Antwerpen -Kaaiman tbc
4-17 Aachen Germany -AZ
4-18 Lille France -Aeronef
4-19 off
4-20 off
4-21 Nurnberg Germany
4-23 Poznan Poland -Eskulap
4-24 Greifswald Germany -Cafe Quarks
4-25 off
4-26 Hamburg Germany -Fabrik (+Boom Boom Satellites)
4-27 Venlo Netherlands -OCC

Friday, October 2, 1998: pH10 at the Tunnel address: 27th and 12th in Manhattan

May 1, 1998: pH.5 at the Night of the Round Tables castle party in the mountains of Colorado


Saturday, Dec. 20th 1997: CD Release Party, Seven South - last show show before Recone moves to Brooklyn

Thursday, Dec. 11th: Blasted Shaft, Colorado Mining Company

Friday, Dec. 12th: Lunar Lodge Presents pH10. INFO: 575-1700

Saturday, Nov. 8th: Fort Collins, Co

Friday, Oct. 17th: Evolution. INFO: 609-2657

Friday, Oct. 3rd: Phuture Productions presents pH10. INFO: 609-2657

Friday, Oct. 3rd: DE 97. Private event - first pH10 live show


Friday May 16th 1997: The Institute for Contextual Arts, Denver (ICA) tickets at Synaptic Records on South Broadway COST $6.00 TIME 10:00 pm -6:00 am

Friday April 18th 1997: Institute for Contextual Arts (ICA) ADDRESS TBA $5.00, 10 pm

Saturday, April 26th 1997: Gallery Coffee Shop 7:00 pm

Friday, 20 December 1996: Seven South, opening for Zoon Politikon COST$3 or $9:30 pm

Thursday October 31st 1996: Blue Bird Theater, $7.00 for 21+ and $9.00 for 21 and under. 9:00 pm

Friday, 1 November 1996: Warehouse, $5.00 10 pm

Thursday, June 6th 1996: The Raven, LD-50, Monestery, and anothers $3.00, 9:30pm LD-50 on at 11 p.m

Saturday, May 25th 1996: Club Industry, BANDS LD-50 and Society Burning 10:00pm 21+

Sunday, April 28th 1996: Ogden Theater BANDS LD-50, Insight 23, Filmstrip, Seraphim Shock, Christ Analog (supposedly that order) $5.00 7:30 pm 21+ 

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