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"...These road-tested purveyors of seizure-inducing beats and chest-rumbling bass are set to propel listeners into their dark, savage world at an astronomical BPM..." - URB Magazine 11/08

"With an electro heavy metal riff over a dropped-tempo breakbeat to start things off, you're not quite sure what to expect, but just as soon as this thought starts fleeing from your conscious, your head starts bobbing and you start to get it. This is just easing you in. And then the anticipation builds, and even though that nervous twinge in your stomach starts to flutter back and forth, you don't want it to stop. Then...then...the sirens come in and I-45 and Prodigal Sun drops a flow over the gritty-glitchy break-hop "Bulldozin.'" and, from that moment does...not...stop. While Well Connected is a definite testament to the ever-growing production prowess of ph10, the evolution of this beat-maker is never more evident than in "Enter the Underground" and "Serious Delerium." ph10 veteran resident emcee Pete Miser joins Jamalski in a wicked scratch laden future-retro jungle track. The vocalists stay comfortably within their pockets all the way up to "Serious Delerium," when you hear RZA telling Bill Murray "caffeine causes serious delerium," a state of intriguing mental unease magnified by the ferocity of the drums and bass tossed at us from every which way and widget! Throbbing electro jungle dub beats and gritty basslines that shake the dingleberries from your raving ass. Get it." - Kotori Magazine 10/08

"pH10’s Well Connected is an invigorating blend of hip hop and drum n’ bass… The disk is full of banging, exciting dance floor scorches and pretty much any one of them would be good enough to get me on out there with wallet chain flying." - UrbNet 10/08

"This a killer bass bin breaking record that will quite easily punish any system it's played on… The songs on Well Connected make up the dirtiest dance floor friendly record possible... filled with gargantuan hooks that DJ's will find irresistible and your feet will find impossible to ignore. An exhaustive beat frenzy that shows there's no stopping PH10 on its global conquest of the dance floor." - First Coast News 10/08

“When pH10 teams up with guest MCs, the tracks leap off the plastic — especially those featuring Pete Miser.” - Denver Westword 10/08

“The lead-off single, “Enter The Underground,” featuring the vocal stylings of Pete Miser and Jamalski, stands as living proof that electronic acts can also bring the rock” - Git Pop 10/08

"To understand pH10, start by imagining The Beastie Boys growing up on Slayer rather than Afrika Bambaataa. Then, you'll need to figure out how records created with no electric guitars in site manage to be this damn heavy. Finally, a lesson or two in overdriven analog circuits at the community college is in order. - Alternatively you could just pop in one of their disks, start shaking your ass and it'll all come to you naturally"
- Time Out London, UK 10/06

pH10 named Featured Artist at Evl One
Cutting edge clothing company partners with super kick ass music production crew. It's a match made in HELL baby! Check it.

pH10 wins at ISC
pH10's remix of ‘Tell Me Why’ by Pete Miser has won the Electronica & Dance Category of the International Songwriting Competition. With a total of 15,000 entries from 80 countries, we are honored to have taken the top prize in our musical style. Judges included people like Tom Waits, Darryl McDaniels (Run-DMC), Macy Gray and The Donnas. Jive Magazine Article.

Recent Licensing
DerDer licensed 4PM for '2006 Tournament Roundup'
Reef Surfboards licensed Intro & Helmut Theme for 'Planet Reef'
DerDer licensed Find Strength for 'Natural Selection'
BigUp Productions licensed 4PM for 'Dosage Volume 3'

"Broken beats meet DnB beatz? Forget the pigeon holes this is great music. pH10's Helmutvision is definitely not cut in the same old groove. Love the clever, amusing use of samples. MC Pete Miser has a great delivery and you can understand what the wordsmith is saying. Many tunes off the album like Needless to Say, Think it Through and Helmut Theme just had to be rewound. Had to listen in the car so I could pump up the volume and cruise around London town. I liked it. DJ Bailey liked it. Top production. Quality album. No surprise this sound is straight outta Brooklyn. Nice one gentlemen!" - Brian Belle Fortune (Author of All Crews), UK 4/06

Final NYC Performance
pH10 moved out west July 2005. After 7 years, countless local shows, parties all over the East Coast, Canada and Europe we've gone on sabbatical. That's right folks. pH10 has fled NYC- to the great Rocky Mountains - and we don't know when we're coming back. What we do know is that a West Coast tour, producing a new full length CD and a new remix CD plus a pant-load of snowboarding are the only things on our TO-DO list for the near future. Check out the pictures from the Final NYC show: June 18th, Pier 63

"Not a lot of buzz out there for the drum’n’bass these days, I know; but if buzz is all you’re after, then go take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself how things got so bad. While you do that, I’ll be out here dancing to this disc, and probably stealing your girlfriend and/or boyfriend. Because this is some funky stuff, and no matter what kind of notions of cool you subscribe to, you need some funk in your life."
- Stylus Magazine, USA 2/05

"Without any exaggeration, this album may well be among the most brilliant examples of "100% chemistry" between MC and producer."
- 4elemente Magazine, Romania 3/05

Helmutvision online press:

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Needless to Say online press:
The CD is technically promo-only but can be found at selected record shops accross the US. To buy the disk online please visit

Splendid Magazine
(Good review, well written)
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"Helmutvision is technically sound in all aspects from sound design, editing and production to the final stages of mixing and mastering (of which the mastering was done by Alan Douches at West Westside Music) while still keeping an emotive force in the music. Slick, phatt, and diverse, Helmutvision should intrigue those interested in a mix of big phatt beats and drum and bass" - Raves Magazine, England 1/05

"Producer Recone Helmut takes us with his mad band of genius DJs on an electronic odyssey that displays diversity, wit and an exciting sound that is all their own." - Fly Magazine, England 9/04

"The pulsating beats and cutting edge analogue synths are mind blowing!" - XPander Magazine, Netherlands 9/04

"The Brooklyn duo of Pete Miser and Recone Helmut manufacture beats like Detroit produces big American steel cars. When you first hear the thick bass of Helmutvision you’re hooked for life." - Smother Magazine, Canada 9/04

"Any fan of drum and bass or just great upbeat electronic music should own this. If you are looking for something different from the 4 piece rock band or lame Hip Hop that rules the airwaves then “Lean Back”, put the Fat Joe record down and go find Helmutvision"
- 1340 Magazine, USA 9/04

"Recone Helmut, the twisted mastermind behind the behemoth known as pH10, finds himself once again surrounded by talented, jittery souls who wanna show you how it's done… pH10 is Breakbeat Era if they had grown up with Slayer instead of Blondie… My lawdy lawd! My favorite track, "4PM" crashes down like a spacepod on an alien planett, grows big knobby wheels and rides that rocky terrain like it ain't no thang."
- Technocracy Magazine, USA 9/04

'Energy and attitude - what more can you ask from a breakout jungle act? How about a sense of humor and some cheeky self-awareness? pH10 have that in spades, and they're determined to bring their brand of jungle music to the people... While no one has claimed responsibility for unleashing jungle on the mainstream audiences just yet, based on this early glimpse at their forthcoming disc, pH10 have a better chance than most.' - Splendid Magazine 10/03

'pH10 kicks drum and bass up a notch in my book to say the least! The band has been around since 1997 and I'm both surprised and disappointed that I have never heard them before.' - 1340 Magazine 11/03

'How do you describe pH10 in two words? Fuckin' ill! Taking the hypnotizing rhythm of drum and bass to an exciting new level. And don't just think a DJ in the dark behind the decks... think live show! And teaming up with legendary Pete Miser proved to be the best thing to happen to jungle music since Jane!' - Get Underground Magazine 09/03

'Drum & bass perhaps will survive the club crushing and electronic community's collapse that is seemingly affecting the billions of trance and house DJs across the world. And I dare say that pH10 will be one of the cockroaches still standing.' - Smother Magazine 10/03

'Analog synths, samplers and visuals combine for a mesmerizing live spectacle.' - NOW Toronto Canada 6/02

'pH10-related wackiness is definitely not content to be confined to the stage. The entire dance space is filled with decked-out club kids blowing whistles, kicking balloons around, dancing like maniacs, and generally reminding me of childhood birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese's.... But oh yeah! What about the music? Solid, solid, solid. Solid beats, solid bass, solid arrangements, solid performance. The music is great.... Still, for me, it is their obvious investment in the pH10 live experience that has made this show truly memorable. A lot of live techno performance stuff sounds fine but is downright boring to watch. When pH10 hit the stage, boredom will never be a danger.' - Andrew Clark, Silvershard Scene 6/02

'Fearless, free and freaky.... They had their set and sound down to an exact science, making each and every beat count.' - Paul Gangadeen, Chartattack 6/02

'Clark ov Saturn and Recone Helmut, two Brooklyn-based producers, churn out some of the chunkiest, most amusing New York drum 'n' bass since Ming + FS debuted their Junkyard style many moons ago' - Thomas Manalo, Lotus Magazine 4/02

'pH10 has performed for audiences across the US and Europe gaining crossover appeal with their amazing live show that rivals the biggest names' - Freebass Magazine 03/02

'pH10 has proved itself to be one of Denver's most fun and upwardly mobile exports; we're just happy that the duo returns to the farm every now and then.' - Laura Bond, The Denver Westword 11/01

'The best live Jungle in New York City, period.' - Pop Smear Magazine 2/00

'I've seen pH10 four times now and each time I had candy thrown at me, Recone Helmut stepped on my foot, I was forced to look at Clark of Saturn in fuzzy blue shorts, I ended up drunk as hell and I swore I would never go back.' - Steven Lessio, Time Out Magazine 6/00

'Clark ov Saturn vs. Recone Helmut, the debut by pH10 provides you and yours with four songs of electronic music that's witty and propulsive. 'Corpuscle' mates convincing slams with cosmic bubbles, '7th Bottom' is an adventure in quasi-ambience whose changes in direction are always worth following, 'Ambulance Drivers' speeds into drum-and-bass territory, and 'Proverbial Kicks' drags Frank Sinatra into the techno era. Saturn and Helmut are full of ideas but not full of themselves' -Michael Roberts, The Denver Westword, 12/98

'...bass-heavy environments that, thanks to the engineering acumen of ex-Nebula 9 whiz Jim Stout, sound as slick as anything released of late on major imprints.' -Kelly Lemieux, The Denver Westword

'Corpuscle'-----tuff breaks! being a dnb dj here, this really tugged my tooter!! nuff praise for it! '7th Bottom'----hahaha!! what can I say! nicely humoured..not takin itself tooo seriously..wicked bass..luv the hiphop inside..sounds kinda like Wagon Christ dnb (Luke Vibert-but kick my ass if i patronise!) Luv also the flange-attaks..." " 'Proverbial Kicks'---this is wicked!!!yes fucked-up croonin!!what Frank would have wanted,...supa catchy samples..had us all smilin!! top tune!!" -Patch Miller, studio manager Pirate Radio UK '97

'Formerly with LD-50, Clark ov Saturn and Recone Helmut are participants in the electronic revolution, but they don't treat the movement like a gifted child. Typical is 'Proverbial Kicks,' in which samples of Frank Sinatra are inserted into a techno ditty whose jocularity doesn't come at the expense of danceability. In the final analysis, ph10 is strong stuff. That's elementary, my dear.' -"Your Friends and Neighbors.The best twenty recordings to come out of Colorado in 1998." By Michael Roberts, The Denver Westword, 12/99

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